This feels really weird. One important aspect in being a minister is that it is always about the person/people you are ministering to. So it’s a little alien for me to take centre stage for a bit…..but here goes: I am no longer in the bloom of youth – meaning that I have many years of experience to draw on which is especially useful with creative ceremony writing. My life and work experience has been very diverse, taking me from the money markets in London having studied Economics, Politics and Quantitative Analysis, to becoming regional manager in an international company spearheading the campaign to computerise the retail industry at the age of 25. But my love of freedom got the better of me so I headed off to the South of France where for a number of years I ran a holiday business in the resort of Cap D’Agde.

I met my husband and after whirlwind romance we were married 34 years ago. I retired from working in South of France when advanced pregnancy made travel impossible. So life took an interesting turn again as two babies later; motherhood, practicing Sports Injury and Manipulative Therapy, and spiritual questing took up my time. For many years I ran a practice combining spiritual healing, meditation and massage to relax clients enough to pop joints back in to place with minimum impact on the body. 

As a Mensan and a spiritual teacher, I enjoy using my creativity to craft beautiful and meaningful blessings. I’m also used to problem solving and enjoy finding viable ‘outside of the box’ solutions. My hobbies and interests? Swimming, travelling, Scuba diving, Dancing, creative writing, comedy, all matters spiritual, trees, environmental matters (co-founder of the Unicorn Eco Foundation) complimentary health, healing…….. but most importantly, I like people.

My passion for research and my own imagination are very useful in creating personal and meaningful ceremonies, and personalised blessings and prayers.