Funerals & Memorials

Funerals and memorials - The ultimate rite of passage. Whether you see the death of a loved one as yet another link in the chain of life’s reincarnations or the final farewell, the event will always mark the end of an era. The dynamics alter according to the circumstances but whether mourning a young life cut too short or the end of a long life well lived, a sensitive funeral should always reflect the empty space in the heart that remains filled with the love of and for the departed. Times are changing, and the expectation of the marking of the end of a life is also rapidly changing.

Once again, as a One Spirit Interfaith Minister I can bridge the gap between a Religious Church Service and a final farewell that is devoid of spiritual reference and is purely about saying the last goodbye. As with all other ceremonies, I do my best to get to know you the mourners and to honour your unique relationship with your departed loved one.Whilst traditionally we are generally accustomed to the more sombre style of departure, there are a growing number of occasions whereby the deceased have left specific instructions for their life to be celebrated in a, shall we say, different way that would reflect their interests, taste in music and the people and things that were important to them.

This gives rise to the possibility of a funeral that is a celebration of everything that is personally meaningful and most memorable.With the increasing popularity of cremation there is also a growing trend for the event to be witnessed by closest kin followed by a larger ceremony being held for the laying of the Ashes. This is where there is an opportunity to make your loved ones passing truly memorable as I can create for you an imaginative farewell that would best reflect the life just ended. The sky’s the limit……