I am often asked what the difference is between the various types of wedding celebrants, so I thought it might be useful if I set down some of the major differences to help you navigate your way through.As an Ordained One Spirit Interfaith Minister I am registered with The HSE to solemnise Legal weddings. This means that I can conduct the legal side of Wedding Ceremonies on the day, in front of witnesses and guests at your chosen venue *. Be it a Castle, Hotel, Restaurant, Art Gallery, Museum, Sports arena, community centre or even your favourite bar …. in fact anywhere, indoors or outdoors, as long as it is open to the public and has an identifiable address (to be legally compliant). The decision as to the suitability of the venue lies with me as the solemniser.

This does, however, exclude long stretches of beach or random forests due to lack of address. As I am registered to solemnise marriages between couples** of all faith paths and none, I can include prayers relevant to you, and give mention to God, angels, spirit and other non-Earthly Deity of a benevolent nature, or have no spiritual reference. I find some couples, although not having any strong beliefs themselves, would like to honour parents or grandparents who do. This can be achieved in a sensitive manner without losing authenticity. Some couples who have secular (Humanist, non-spiritual) beliefs come to me simply because they had attended my ceremonies and like my style. I also mention that couple’s do not need to have the same beliefs, but it is important to respect the differences.

So however you define your beliefs be it in an established Religion, Spiritualism, Atheism Agnostic, Gaianism, Jedi, Non Earthly beings of Light or simply the belief in Humanities Benevolence, and whether your beliefs are entrenched or still developing, my aim is to create a wedding ceremony which is true to you.                  

One Spirit Interfaith:


Civil (registrar)

Humanist (secular)

Unregistered celebrants