Your Celebrant for your Legal Wedding Ceremony

As a One World Minister, I am registered with the HSE as a Solemniser of marriages, so you would not have to attend a separate civil ceremony in front of the registrar.

Having been ordained by The One Spirit Interfaith Seminary in 2012, in 2013 I became one of the first non-church ministers to be registered by the HSE to Solemnise Legal weddings in Ireland after the law changed. Since then it has been a great joy and privilege to be the legal celebrant for hundreds of brides and grooms.

Because I have a passion for creating and performing weddings, each ceremony I create is unique and commands my legendary care and attention to detail and originality. My style is best described as being informal and light hearted – after all, weddings are all about the celebration of love…..

It is with great joy that I create for you a really special and personal Wedding Ceremony showcasing your personalities and your unique relationship whilst honouring your beliefs. Your ceremony will take you on a magical journey from being two people in love to becoming a committed and loving married couple.

I take care in getting to know you, what is important to you and how you wish to be celebrated. I then craft a unique ceremony especially for you, drawing on inspirations and insights that I glean from our meetings.

My Ceremony Style

My style is relaxed and personable, and my pleasure is in you enjoying your wedding ceremony; thus allowing you to relax and enjoy your entire day. During your wedding preparation meetings, I can share with you some techniques to help you shed any nerves so that you can really enjoy rather than endure your ceremony. I also acknowledge that whilst many brides and grooms like to be the centre of attention, to others, this prospect is daunting. Once again, after many years of helping couples, I have developed a toolbox of ideas to either showcase or to divert attention.

I can conduct the legal side of your Wedding Ceremonies on the day, in front of witnesses and guests at your chosen venue. Be it a Castle, Hotel, Restaurant, Art Gallery, Museum, Sports arena, community centre or even your favourite bar …. in fact anywhere; indoors or outdoors, as long as it is open to the public and has an identifiable address (to be legally compliant).

The decision as to the suitability of the venue lies with me as the solemniser. This does, however, exclude long stretches of beach or random forests due to lack of address and private homes as not open to public.

As I am registered to solemnise marriages between couples of all faith paths and none. I can include prayers relevant to you, and give mention to God, angels, spirit and other non-Earthly Deity, or not, as the case may be. I find some couples, although not having any strong beliefs themselves, would like to honour parents or grandparents who do. This can be achieved in a sensitive manner without losing authenticity. Some couples who have secular (Humanist, non-spiritual) beliefs come to me simply because they have attended my ceremonies and like my style. I also mention that couples do not need to have the same beliefs, but it is important that they respect the differences.

So however you define your beliefs be it in an established Religion, Spiritualism, Atheism Agnostic, Gaianism, Jedi or Pastafarian (the fictional belief in the great spaghetti giant in the sky!), and whether your beliefs are entrenched or still developing, my aim is to create a wedding ceremony which is true to you.

My ceremonies have been described by the guests at different weddings as: The most humorous, the most romantic, the most heartfelt, the most personal. The thing is, I create the ceremony which is right for you…… So if you sail, you can have a nautical theme, if you are from the science/ science fiction community, then we could dial up the geek-chic. …… If your passion is for gardening/ arboriculture then I create blessings to reflect this…….If your belief is centred on Angelic or spiritual realms or crystals than this can be brought in to your ceremony. You tell me your passion and I create a special theme for you. I even have a special theme for couples who enjoy heated discussions….I find that one of the most enduring qualities of a successful marriage, apart for love, is maintaining a playful spirit, so I’m very happy to create a light-hearted and humorous ambiance.

Wedding vow/ commitment blessings, Hand Fastings

There are occasions where, for example, a couple legally wed in another country but still wish their union to be celebrated here in Ireland. On these occasions, all legal statements are removed and replaced with romantic wording. These ceremonies are often referred to as either commitment, vow or betrothal ceremonies or wedding blessings.

Vow Renewal Ceremony

These have been popular in other countries for some time and are enjoying increasing popularity here. Often performed on the occasion of an auspicious anniversary, they can also follow periods of poor health, a rough patch, or celebrating the marking of a new chapter in a marriage once, say, the last child has left home. There is no need for legal wording, and I’m happy to create a ceremony that facilitates each couples desire to express their continued commitment borne out of years together and marking their enduring love.

Blended Family Ceremonies

It always an honour to unite two people in matrimony and it is a special honour when children are involved. It could be that the parents and their child/ children will be starting a new episode by sharing a surname. Or it could be that one or both parties wish to pledge to take on a special and meaningful role in their new step children’s lives. Or simply to note the blending of two families. Or this ceremony could be performed to welcome an adopted child into the family. Whatever the circumstances, I’m happy to create something special either as a stand-alone ceremony or to be a part of a wedding ceremony. Once again, I like to get to know the family with its unique dynamics, and rather importantly, the age of the children, and design the content accordingly.


Conjuring up images of knights sweeping the maiden off of her feet on the trusty steed to be married in secrecy, is not necessarily the way of the modern elopement. This is a term I use for all wedding ceremonies that involve a scant number of people. By law, there would need to be at least five; the couple, the minister and two witnesses. I have performed many such ceremonies for a variety of reasons. The most popular being that couple wish to either have a day of total self-indulgence (why not) or that they are shy or nervous and don’t wish to be on display as they exchange the special words of their wedding vows. The couple can then choose whether or not to celebrate later with family and friends.

Same Sex Weddings

Since the legalisation of same sex marriages, I have been delighted to solemnise an increasing number of two bride or two groom wedding ceremonies. I’m often asked just before a ceremony where should the guests sit. So here are some guidelines for same sex weddings: Choose a seat not a side, either way you get a bride. …….Find a seat anywhere in the room; wherever you sit you’ll see a groom.


I am very pleased to offer three levels of wedding packages to suit your needs.

Rose Standard

This gives you a simple yet beautiful ceremony but without some of the extra personal touches that my ceremonies are famous for. This is suitable for couples who wish to keep it short and sweet yet still be meaningful. .

Gold Standard

The most popular. These are the ceremonies for which I’m best known and are full of fun and romance, wit and wisdom, laughter and maybe even some tears….not to mention those special magical moments that make the ceremony so personal to you.

Included amongst the many extras offered at this level is the “Stepping Consciously into Marriage” participation which is both thought provoking and fun and designed to invite couples to deepen their connection and communication skills in preparation to their marriage.

Diamond Standard

Like the Gold Standard but with extra touches; for example, a ceremony rehearsal in the venue the day before the wedding and extra assistance to make your journey easier. This level is recommended for couples coming from abroad and gives me a chance to meet you and your loved ones so that we can go through the ceremony and get acquainted